Mx object于2017年夏在杭州创立,专注于高品质的灯具、日用品和生活穿戴产品,致力于将艺术感和未来感融入生活产品。寻找材料的新利用方式,平衡产品的艺术属性,探索未来生活方式的各种可能性,这是Mx object一直努力的方向。
Mx object was founded in the summer of 2017,Hangzhou. Focusing on lighting, daily necessities and wearable products with high quality, we are committed to integrating art and the sence of future into life products. Looking for new ways of using materials, balancing the artistic and functional attributes of the product, and exploring the possibilities of the future lifestyle, these are aims that Mx object has been working for.