Ink series
Ink stone is a kind of Chinese traditional characteristic stone, with a steady and delicate quality because of its use in calligraphy. Mx finds its natural, delicate feel of touch and incomparable natural texture,and expands its application to make it more integrated into life.There are two options for the lid---one with the handle,and the other with a slot. Two designs can both enrich the sense of visual hierarchy
In order to show the delicate characteristics of ink stone,the whole product is processed in CNC with polished in handmade,to get the fine edge (ordinary stone like marble are less delicate than ink stone , which makes them easily broken to pieces during processing.)
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Designer : Mario Tsai Studio
Design year : 2017
Material : Ink stone
Size : 175 * 50 * 30mm 
           175 * 50 * 35mm

砚石是中国特有的石材,且由于材料出处为文房用具,气质沉稳细腻。Mx 发掘其与生俱来的细腻触感与不可复制的自然纹理,拓展其运用范围,使之更融入生活。砚系列砚石首饰盒,大形为几何胶囊形,顶盖分为镂槽盖及把手盖共两款。把手的突起与镂槽都可影响视觉上的光影关系,丰富层次。
为展现砚石材料的细腻特质,盒身及盒盖均为CNC 精加工辅以手工打磨抛光,才得以达到精细的边缘(普通大理石等石材因不及砚石细腻,在加工过程中较易碎)。包装环节依旧细致可见,具有高强保护性,内附砚石保养及产品使用说明。
设计师 :蔡烈超工作室
尺寸:175 * 50 * 35/30毫米