Components series
"During a visit to the metal material market, I saw a lot of thick aluminum tubes stacked. Out of my curiosity about the material, I purchased a 250mm diameter aluminum tube. When I put the other materials I purchased naturally into this tube, I found that this process as nature as putting a coin into a piggy bank. When I combined the tube and piggy bank to find out that it was fully available as a storage side table,  I just needed to add a desktop to it, then it looks like a pig with a hat", Mario Tsai told us his inspiration of the design.
As a side-table, Pig not only satisfies the function of the side table, but also can store magazines and other sundries, it looks like a pig that makes makes the space more lively. Pig side-table has 2 different tube sizes, one with a diameter of 250mm and another with a 200mm, to meet different storage capacity requirements. Compared to other metal materials, Aluminum is very light, which reduces the weight of the product and reduces transportation costs.
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Designer : Mario Tsai Studio
Design year : 2018
Material : Aluminum
Finishing : Anodic oxidation
Size : 550 * 400 * 400mm
尺寸:550 * 400 * 400 毫米